Welcome! We specialise in making memories and taking care of the planet at the same time. We Rock the Route!
Join us on a road trip, band tour or voluntourism expedition and experience the Garden Route the way the locals do...

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Day Trips • Road Trips • Explore the Garden Route • 3Day Sunset Chaser • 8Day Discovery • Free Spirit • Town-Town Transfers • Events and more!

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Full Band Tour Packages • Acoustic Road Trips • Intimate and Large Venue Bookings • Equipment Hire • Find a Musician • Events and more!

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Making a Difference with Day Trips • #VoluntourismRoadTrip • Explore the Garden Route • Gaining Skills While Traveling • Get in Touch with amazing Projects!

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Welcome to Rock the Route! 
We believe that to truly experience any country, you need to get off the beaten track and get to know the locals. 
Immerse yourself in the local cultures, old and new. Listen to LIVE local music, be adventurous. 
And that is exactly what we do!

You’ll only find those authentic moments if you stop being a tourist. Leave the guide book in your backpack, join us on a road trip and let's talk to local people. Follow them on a hike to that hidden-spot, jump in the car and go to that secret beach for a breathtaking sunset and listen to their stories of what the Garden Route is all about…
Find out why the locals never leave!

At Rock the Route we believe in spontaneous itineraries and the freedom of travel!

This means if we need to stop anywhere, we do so. If there’s a nice viewpoint you would like to see, we do that. If we want to stop so everyone on board can quickly jump in the sea or river stream… then we do just that! When there is an event or LIVE music in a town nearby, we join the fun for no extra charge!

This is YOUR road trip and we will go out of our way to make sure you enjoy it!

Your driver knows the Garden Route and all it’s nooks and crannies that tourists never get to see, off by heart. He will make suggestions during the road trip for you to decide. Maintaining a general consensus on the bus is important and he will keep everyone in mind and will also make sure you experience everything included in the itinerary. This might change with the weather, traffic or other unforeseen circumstances but the sun is always shining somewhere in the Route!

Please read more about our ethics and what we do on our BLOG:

And remember, Don’t be a tourist!
Be Lekker, like a local!

This is an Owner-run company. A passion driven operation for the true traveller at heart.
We charge a little more but offer an un-rivalled experience!

"So your favourite music is blasting out of the open windows. You've got wind in your salty hair. Spirits are high and the weather is stunning. You're still buzzing from that fresh swim early this morning and getting flash-backs of laughter from the previous night's shenanigans. So many special things to see, so many things to do, so many good memories to be made… and a friendly guide who knows exactly where to go for the next awesome adventure. Welcome to Rock the Route!!”


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Latest News

Winter Days and the ‘Outeniqua Rust’

Winter in the Garden Route can be tough. Not because it get’s cold, but because...

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These tours have been designed with care and with YOUR experience in mind. You WILL have loads of fun. You WILL get value for your money. We will get ridiculous and might jump off bridges and take on a few dares. And you will want to come back for more… simply because we know how to Rock the Garden Route!

Life’s a gift... We’ll unwrap it for you!

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